Dr. Vaidya's Unmadvati – 24 pills X 3 packets 24 pills x 3 packets


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Treatment for Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Disorder & Hypertension- In today's scenario, every person is running short on time and has a tight schedule. This takes a toll on the health leading to stress, sleep disorder, hypertension and anxiety. Unmadvati is a stress buster which relaxes the body and mind and ensures an easier lifestyle.
Shankhavali ghan, Brahmi ghan, Jatamansi ghan, Nagarmotha ghan, Malkangni ghan, Kamal ghan & more…
As per doctor's advice - One pill twice a day for all above the of 20 years.
Stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia, sleep disorder, hypertension

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24 pills x 3 packets


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