Dr. Vaidya's Livitup! Hangover Shield 5 capsules


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LIVitup! is an Ayurvedic hangover medicine that doubles up as a long-term liver protector. It is an age-old formulation traditionally used as a long-term liver protector for alcohol and gutkha addiction with a refreshed brand for young consumers. When a LIVitup! hangover tablet is consumed; it reduces alcohol conversion to acetaldehyde. This prevents the hangover in the short term and liver cirrhosis in the longer term. LIVitup! is a natural and safe ayurvedic hangover cure pill with no side effects. We think it's the best hangover treatment for modern times
Arogyavardhini ras, almegh ghan and Lactose.
1-2 capsules before your first drink or as directed by a physician
Has the power to regenerate damaged liver cells and has natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that helps prevent liver cirrhosis

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