Dr. Vaidya's Herbodanty 50gm


Product By : Dr. Vaidya’s

Tooth Powder for Strengthening Teeth and Gums. Herbodanti is an Ayurvedic replacement to toothpaste. The powder is completely natural and fluoride free – fluoride is known to cause permanent tooth discoloration, stomach ailments and skin rash. It is also sugar and salt free as salt is abrasive to teeth enamel and sugar causes decay due to bacteria.
Chalk, Sankhajiru, Chanak Bab, Katha, Kantatu Maiju, Kapur, Lavang, Elaichi, Alum & Menthol.
Daily while brushing
Bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth ache.

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Dimensions 12.5 x 5 cm
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