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The Diabetes Care Pack is especially designed to help you keep the sugar level in control. The ingredients of the pack are absolutely safe to use along with any medicines that you may be taking. You can choose either the 15-day care pack or the 30-day care pack appropriate to your condition.
Jiva Sugar Free Chyawanprasha : 1 Unit 1KG Diatrin Tablets : 120 Tablets Diabetes Tea : 1 Unit 300GM Amla Juice : 500ML
Amla Juice: Have 20-30 ml of amla juice twice a day on empty stomach, or according to physicianåÕs advice. - Diabetes Tea: Take 1 teaspoonful of tea and boil it in 200 ml of water. Boil the mixture till it is reduced to half. Filter and drink warm. Honey can be added as a sweetener. Consume only as directed by the physician. - Diatrin Tablets: To be swallowed with water or milk. - Jiva Sugar Free Chyawanprasha: Consume 1 table spoon as is or with lukewarm milk, 5 minutes before the breakfast or at night 10 minutes before going to bed.
The haridra (turmeric) gives strength to the immune system and is very effective in treating urinary disorders. The Jamun fruit is very useful in Diabetes Mellitus and Insipid us. The fruit Bilva is kapha and vata palliative and is good for the digestive system related disorders like spruce and low digestive fire. The fruit amla acts as rejuvenatory and gives strength to the immune and urinary systems. Gudmar enhances the production of insulin by inducing and rejuvenating the pancreas, thus facilitating the intake of glucose from the blood stream by tissues, which decreases the level of blood glucose. Methika also plays an important part in controlling Diabetes.

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