Geofresh Diabe-O-Nil 60 Capsules


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Natural way of recovering for Suger Control without any side effects. Effective in 30 days, For better results 60 days.  
Jamun Seed powder, Bitter Gourd powder, Prickly Pear cactus powder, Green Amla Powder, Green Turmeric powder, Fenugreek Seed powder, Bael leaves powder, Hibiscus powder, Radish powder.
2 Capsules empty stomach (before Breakfast & Dinner)
Maintains Normal Blood Sugar level, Helps Maintain Healthy Lipid level, Improves the way the body uses sugar, Useful supplement for Diabetes Management as it contains Herbs that are capable of increasing Quantity n Quality of Insulin Hormone in body, Allows a person to lead a normal life

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60 Capsules