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The Jiva Sattva Detoxification Healthcare Pack is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs specially formulated to cleanse toxins from the body channels, and to remove obstruction caused by waste products. The herbs used in this pack are a time-tested way of detoxification of the body systems. They improve the general health and the immunity of the body, thus facilitating a healthy and active life. Regular detoxification of body systems is necessary for longevity and youthfulness.
Pongamia pinnata, Cyperus rotundus, Tribulus terrestris, Cassia angustifolia, Boerhavia diffusa, Gmelina arborea, Cassia fistula, Ricinus communis, Foenieulum vulgare, Embelia ribes, Zingiber officinale
Tablets : Take two tablets (one from each packet) twice daily (morning and evening) with warm water or detoxification tea, preferably on an empty stomach; Tea : Boil one teaspoonful of tea in 200ml water till the water is reduced to half. Filter the tea and drink it warm twice a day (morning and evening), preferably on an empty stomach. Honey may be used as sweetener;
The combination of herbs in this pack has the power to enter minute channels, and eliminate toxins from the body. It also strengthens the waste elimination processes, and thus assists in the smooth flow of nutrients in the body. The pack also improves the digestion as well as assimilation of food in the body.

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