Nutriley CRD Ayurveda Vedic Amrit – General Wellness & Immunity Capsules (60 Capsules)


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Vedic Amrit increases physical work capacity by countering fatigue and helping oxygen transport to tissue (for producing energy) during physical exertion. • It improves endurance, tolerance and compatibility during stressful states. • It improves performance in activities which require skill, coordination, concentration, learning and memory. • It replenishes vitamins and minerals (essential constituents of a balanced diet) and helps maintain good health.(+) Helps to Improve Appetite, General Debility. (+) Helps to Improve body weight, body Growth, body Building. (+) Rejuvenator, Daily supplement, Daily body Essential. (+) It helps in growth of the body and weight gain. (+) Gives us energy to do work. (+) Helps to protect against diseases. (+) Improves Immunity Strength.
Composition (Each Capsule Contains) : Jaiphal 5mg, Loung 5mg, Bhringraj 20 mg, Sonth 10 mg, Sarpunkha 10 mg, Punernava 10 mg, Malkangani 10 mg, Arlu 10 mg, Jarul 10 mg, Talmakhana 10 mg, Amla 10 mg, Pipal 10 mg, Shatavar 10 mg, Nagkeshar 15 mg, Makoy 15 mg, Chitrak 15 mg, Arandkakdi 15 mg, Barahikand 20 mg, Safed Musli 20 mg, Ashwagandha 50Mg, Vidarikand 80 mg, Konch 90 mg.
1 or 2 Capsules twice a day with milk or water

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