Nutriley CRD Ayurveda Cholesfit – Cholestrol Control Capsules (60 Caps)


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Cholesfit helps reduce VLDL,LDL and cholesterol. Combined with a good amount of exercise it help you to keep your heart healthy and shed FAT easily. It kick starts your metabolism. This product is a combination of organic herbs and therefore has zero side effects. It is chemical-free and very effective.A great way to keep your cholestrol in control.
Composition (Each Capsule Contains) : Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) 45 Mg, Guggulu (Commiphora Wrightii) 45 Mg, Haridra (Curcuma Longa) 35 Mg, Bhumiamla (Phyllanthus Niruri) 30 Mg, Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) 23 Mg, Amla (Emblica Officinalis) 22 Mg, Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) 20 Mg, Vibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica) 20 Mg, Sunthi (Zingiber Officinale) 20 Mg, Kali Mirch (Piper Longum) 5 Mg, Pippali (Piper Nigrum) 15 Mg, Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) 17 Mg, Punarnava (Boerhaavia Diffusa) 25 Mg, Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) 18 Mg, Lasuna (Allium sativum) 25 Mg, Akika Pishti 6 Mg, Mukta Pishti 6 Mg, Abhrak Bhasma 6 Mg, Shankha Bhasma 12 Mg.
1 or 2 Capsules twice a day with milk or water

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