Nutriley CRD Ayurveda Alquit – Alcohol Addiction Powder 30 Sachets


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Alquit is an amazing and powerful remedy for treating alcohol addictions. The herbs utilized to prepare Alquit induces a substance-opposing tendency. It further detoxifies the organs and body as whole to regain health deteriorated due to substance abuse. It helps addict regain the mental strength to resist the urge for further use.
Composition (Each 10 Gms Contains) : Sugandhbala 1gm, Nagkesar 1 gm, Tamal Patra 1 gm, Dalchini 1 gm, Jatamansi 1 gm, Lahsun 1 gm, Shunthi 1 gm, Marich 1 gm, Pipalli 1 gm, Ashwagandha 1 gm, Jeera Safed 0.5 gm, Ajwain 0.5 gm.
Mix 1 Sachet of Powder in milk, Water, Juice, Food - Take It twice a day.

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30 Sachets