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Jiva sugar-free chyawanprasha, rich in Vitamin-C, is specially prepared without sugar to give you strength and power and boost your immunity. If you are sugar conscious or have anyone in family suffering from diabetes, then they can eat it without a worry. This is the best rejuvenating tonic that covers all nutritional deficiency in the body. It restores bodyu2019s defense mechanism and revitalizes all organs. One teaspoon twice a day will balance your doshas and help prevent seasonal as well as chronic health problems like cold, cough and asthma.
Syzygium aromaticum (Lavang oil), Desmodium, Solanum surratense, Solanum indicum, Tribulus terrestris, Aegle marmelos, Premna mucronata, Oroxylum indicum, Stereospermum , Emblica officianlis, Gmelina arborea, Uraria picta, Piper longum, Pistacia integerrima, Tinospora cordifolia, Terminalia chebula, Sida cordifolia, Phyllanthus urinaria, Adhatoda vasica, Leptadenia reticulata, Curcuma zedoaria, Cyperus rotundus, Phaseolus trilobus, Teramnus labialis, Pueraria tuberosa, Boerhavia diffusa, Microstylis mucifera, Polygonatum vertcillatum, Bambusa arundinacea , Cinnamomnm zeylanicum, Eletarria cardamomum , Messua ferrea , Sesamum Indicum, Bruhati - Solanum surratense, Terminalia bellirica, Draksha - Vitis vinifera
Consume as it is or with milk
General debility, fatigue, respiratory tract disorders and chronic cold, cough and sinusitis.

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