Tvam Body Massge Oil – Sandalwood 200ml


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Sandalwood Body Massage Oil reduces stress, prevents dryness of skin, improves blood circulation and tones the body. Regular use of this oil leads to a beautiful and glowing skin. It is specially formulated with sesame oil and other essential oils for a relaxing and sensual experience and is light and non-greasy oil.
Chandan 0.01ml, Grapeseed 2.0ml, Almond oil 1.0ml, Gehun tel 1.0 ml, Olive oil 2.5 ml, Sesame oil q.s, Preservative Butylated Hydroxyl Toluene 0.5 %, Color
Warm the oil and use fingertips to massage the oil in a circular motion, starting from a small circle to a large one, letting the nourishment from the oil penetrate the skin. Move to the next area of skin. Keep the Oil for 30-45 minutes on the body before a shower. It can be used as a massage or bath oil or as an after-bath/after-shave moisturizer that softens and relaxes the skin.

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