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Bayberry Diabetes care juice is combination of 20 salutary ingredients along with Neem,Karela and Jamun which have anti-diabetic and rejuvenating properties.These herbs contain phyto-nutrients, micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants and tannins. These are helpful for lowering blood glucose level and controlling diabetes. Bhringraj, Aloe-vera and Arjuna helps in boosting health of the diabetic patients. Micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants and Vit-C increases the immunity of the body. This product is enriched with the goodness of Tulsi, Triphala,shudh Shilajit, Giloy, Saptrangi. It is made from herbal ingredients, thus is safe for use for a longer period. It is cost effective and quality product. Bayberry products are processed under the norms of ISO 9001:2015.
Arjuna,Bhringraj,Bhumya Amalki,Aloe Vera juice,Kalmegh,Kutki,Tulsi,Neembadi,Karela,Jamun,Giloy,Guddmar,Vijayasar,Sadabahar Patra,Imli,Paneer doda,Naiboori,Triphala,Sapt Rangi,Shudh shilajit.
30ml(6 tea-spoon full) twice a day before meals.
It purifies blood and improves health.It is a herbal remedy for diabetes and high blood sugar.It is a vegetarian product.

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