Baidyanath Saptavinshati Guggulu 80 Tablets


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Saptavinshati Guggulu can act on your blood, skin, stomach, large intestine, bones and rectum. It is a holistic care in the form of natural tablets from Baidyanath your body needs to purge oxidants and toxins. It can treat Vata, Kapha and Pitta.
Trikatu, Triphala, Nagarmotha, Bidanga, Guggulu
2 Tablets Twice daily.
Saptavinshati Guggulu can clear infection of wounds and facilitate healing. It can cure abdominal pains, bloating, indigestion, ano-rectal pains and flatulence. Saptavinshati Guggulu can also help in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer and diabetic carbuncles. Skin infections with pus heal early when treatment is complemented with Saptavinshati Guggulu tablets. It can also treat ascites, worm infestations and herniation of the intestines. "

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