Baidyanath Purnachandra Ras Vri (S.YU) 5.0 Gm (50 Tablets)


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Purnachandra Ras Vri (S.Yu) can improve sexual intensity and virility. It can delay aging and it can improve immunity. Purnachandra Ras Vri (S.Yu) can always improve general strength. Low back pain, gout, abdominal colic pain and UTI pain respond very well to the treatment of Purnachandra Ras Vri (S.Yu). It can improve digestion, boost hunger, cure gastritis and treat fistula. It can also cure anemia and anorexia in a short period of time.
Kajjali,lauh bhasma,abkrak bhasma, raupya bhasma, bang bhasma,swarna bhasma, tamra bhasma, jaiphal
1-2 capsules twice daily

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5.0 Gm (50 Tablets)

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