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Memorax is a natural memory tonic made from herbs known in Ayurveda for boosting neuron connections. It promotes cognitive thinking, reasoning powers, and intelligent problem-solving. It is especially useful for children to give them a boost of memory and logical problem analysis. It also helps the mentally debilitated to improve mental faculties.
Sankhpushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides),Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri),Ashwagandha(Withania somnifera), Mulethi(Glycyrrhiza glabra),Sarpagandha(Rauwolfia serpentina),Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans),Ras Sindoor,Prawal Bhasma,Gum Acacia (Excipients ),Talcum (Excipient )
1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by the physician
Supports healthy cerebral function. Supports concentration & attention span. Nourishes & rejuvenates the mind. Supports awareness & perception.

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