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Irimedadi Taila is Ayurvedic herbal oil which is used to treat dental and oral problems. This medicated oil is prepared from wild babul and various other herbs. It has antimicrobial, antiseptic, deodorant and astringent activities. Irimedadi Taila is useful in treating all kind of dental problems.
Acacia Farnesiana,Clove,Aquilaria Agallocha,Rubia Cardifolia,Elettaria Cardamomum,Myristica Fragrans,Mesua Ferrea
5 – 10 ml of oil is taken into the mouth and gargled for 5 – 10 minutes. Then spit out. Gargle with warm water for two minutes and spit. A little is heated and used for gargling and applied on the teeth. Good for application on the head too.
Relieve tooth decay, removes stains. Relieves bad breath problem. Useful in pericoronitis. Hypersensitivity of teeth Cavities. Gum problems, bleeding gums, spongy gums. Bad breadth, pyorrhoea, oral infection. Strengthen teeth, gums.

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