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Kapiva's Aloe Vera Juice condenses the magical benefits of this herb into a healthy, herbal and wholesome drink * Provides a natural and healthy glow to skin and hair. Boosts immunity and builds a healthy digestive system * Reduces the fat content in the body and helps improve muscle tone. Cures constipation and protects the liver, aiding it in processing and removing the impurities in the bloodstream.
100% Pure Aloe Vera juice, Citric Acid (pH stabilizer) less than 0.1%, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (each) used as preservatives.
Daily 30 ml shot of juice will keep you in good health; add 30-50ml of water for flavouring.
Like oil for an engine, our juice keeps the liver efficient. Keeps skin allergies in check and is also beneficial for blood pressure.

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