Baidyanath Agniwardhak Bati 30 GM / 80 TAB


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Agnivardhak Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is useful in treating digestive weakness, poor appetite, indigestion etc. The literal meaning of Agnivardhak is one which increases Agni. Here Agni implies, the force residing within the body that creates digestion. It is responsible for the transformation of one substance into another or metabolism. Agni is contained within pitta and includes the digestive function, sense perception, cellular metabolism and mental assimilation. It is also responsible for regular appetite, taste, digestion, metabolism, assimilation, and absorption. This medicine improves this force for better digestion.
Bid lawan, navasadar, akwanphool, marich, lemon juice
2 tabs twice daily with honey

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30 GM / 80 TAB


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