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Ashwagandha - Nervine Tonic & Energy Booster Ashwagandha is one of the powerful herbs in Ayurveda and known for its healing and restorative benefits. In Sanskrit, Ashwagandha means "Ashwa + Gandha) The smell of a horse; it imparts the vigor and strength and prescribed to help people to strengthen their immune system. Ashwagandha has many important chemical compounds having medical value like Withanolides, alkaloids that's why it works as nervine tonic and energy booster. Ashwagandha is also a very helpful herb for sexual energy. It is also helpful for Joint Pains. In 'Ashwagandha P Capsule' Product name P indicates "Pure". The product is an advanced extract formulation having a higher active constituent in comparison to traditional crude powder. Ashwagandha P Capsule is a premium quality 100% Extract Based Formulation having higher efficacy i.e faster results by taking less quantity.
"Each Vegetarian Capsule contain 100% 500 mg Ashwagandha extract formulation. Ashwagandha P Capsule is the pure product i.e there is no Preservatives, no artificial ingredients. The Product is tested and free of allergens, heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins. Important to Know: In Ayurveda, Every herb has recommended dosage and by taking right dosage only, one gets a result. By taking crude powder based 1-2 capsules/tablets; the dosage does not get completed. Whereas capsules with Extract based Formulation completes the dosage and results come by taking less quantity. The Pack has 60 Capsules Bottle."
The recommended dosage is 1-2 Capsule twice a day or as recommended by expert
"Immunity Booster -- Provide Vigour & Strength -- Helps in Relieving Stress -- Enhances Sexual Potency -- Helps reduce brain-cell degeneration -- Helpful in Joint Pains "

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