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Ancient Living Tea Tree face wash is an anti-bacterial face wash especially suited for oily and acne prone skin types. Tea Tree is renowned for its strong antibacterial qualities. The healing action of Tea Tree oil eliminates blackheads and white heads, prevents scarring. Regular use ensures clear and blemishes free skin. Tea tree oil is antiviral and is used to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Aloe vera  known as Kumari in Ayurveda is useful for tissue rejuvenation and soothes any inflammations. Almond oil nourishes and conditions the skin. Natural almonds are a rich source of VitE and Vit D which deeply nourish and protect the skin. Vitamin E keeps skin youthful and maintains skin elasticity by fighting free radicals. Avoid getting into eyes.
Acne Treatment, Clear Skin, Eczema, Purifying(anti-bacterial)

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