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Health benefits of orange oil Orange Essential Oil has a rich, fruity, appetizing scent that lifts the soul while giving a soothing effect on the body thus brings peace and bliss to your psyche. This efficient oil strengthens the immune system and facilitates headaches, when you inhale its delightful aroma from our earthy, beautiful aroma electric vaporizers which has a dimmer to control the intense of aroma and brilliance of light.   Orange oil skin benefits This amazing oil is rich in d-limonene property which cares in preserving normal cellular regeneration. When apply topically, helps soothe dry skin, control acne and rejuvenate the skin making it appear healthy & glowing. Be cautious to dilute our highly concentrated essential oils before application on skin. We recommend you to dilute 2 drops of oil with 10ml of Ancient Living Almond Carrier Oil. Our Almond Oil helps soothe skin texture, nourish & improve skin tone. Orange oil can also blended with other carrier oils like sesame or jojoba oils.   Orange oil hair benefits: When apply the orange and almond oil mixture to the scalp & hair roots, helps to control, oily sheen, a soft lustre on the surface of hair. We recommend you to dilute 2 drops of oil with 10ml of Ancient Living Brahmi & Amla Hair Oil, which is an excellent oil that strengthens your hair. Brahmi & Amla hair oil efficient in nourishing and toning your scalp which results  smooth & silky tresses. Orange oil can also be blended well with sesame or jojoba carrier oils.   Choose Ancient Living personal care products for your complete skin & hair care!!

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