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Citronella as mosquito repellent benefits Why buy chemical filled mosquito spray or coils when we can actually utilize mother nature's contribution, natural Citronella Oil, to repulse insects. When used in a vaporizer, the powerful scent of citronella oil repels mosquito & flies naturally. The fresh, citrusy aroma of this amazing oil can uplift mood and revitalize the mind. For aromatic diffusion, we recommend you to experience the beauty combined with the power and odor controllable earthy Ancient Living Electric Vaporizers. These vaporizers empowered with a dimmer control switch, commonly used to manage the intensity of light and fragrance.   Natural insect repellent benefits for skin & body Apply topically or after dilution, sprinkle citronella oil on the body to keep mosquitoes away. Citronella enriched with cicatrisant oil which is great in forming and healing scar tissues when applied topically. Since our essential oils are highly concentrated, be cautious to blend 2 drops of oil with 10ml of any carrier oil before apply to the skin. Mix 4-5 drops with the bathing water to have a refreshing & rejuvenating bathing experience.   Blending Tips: For respiratory concerns, blend this astonishing oil with efficient Ancient Living Eucalyptus Oil and use in a vaporizer for faster results. To apply on skin, blend 1 drop of oil in 10ml of Ancient Living Almond Oil which is a perfect career oil for all skin types. You can also use sesame or jojoba oil. When you want to use as a massage oil, blend 5drops of oil in 10ml of Ancient Living Almond Oil or any other Ancient Living massage oil.

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