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Jiva Amla Hair Oil is made with extracts of amla, almond, jasmine, and jape. Amla provides nourishment to the hair. It is extremely rich in vitamin C, and is a great rejuvenation for the hair, darkening it, imparting luster, and controlling graying. Jape strengthens the hair follicles and helps maintain the hairs natural color. Almond oil provides a beautiful aroma, and makes the oil smoother and easier to spread. Peanut and jasmine oil nourish the hair, and make the oil light and non-sticky.
Amla – Emblica officinale, Almond/Badam – Prunus amygdalus, Jasmine – Jasminum grandiflorum, Japa – Hibiscus rosasinensis
Rub oil gently into the roots of hair and massage slowly, preferably a night before hair wash.
The oil provides nourishment to hair and reduces heat from the head region. It makes the hair silky and strong.

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