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Akik pishti is Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Agate (mineral of silica) gem. This medicine is used in the treatment of various cardiac problems. In Ayurveda Pishti is a preparation from powdered gems or minerals. First gems are processed in herbal juices and dried then grinded to get a very fine powder.  This fine powder is further processed in rose water to get final medicine or Pishti. These medicines are cool in potency and can be taken by persons who cannot tolerate Bhasma of same minerals.
Akik, ghrit kumari
125gm daily with butter/honey.
Akika is beneficial in all types of cardiac disorders. Akika is helpful in treating high temperature of the body. Whether it is due to fever or any other causes of hyperthermia. This is extremely useful in the treatment of various types of eye disorders. Akika is also very beneficial in leucorrhea. Akika is also beneficial in various types of mental disorders. Akika provides strength to the cardiac structures as well as the neural tissues. This is found to be very useful in various types of Pitta diseases. Akika Pisthi provides strength to the cardiac tissue as well as the neural tissues. This also helps in the reduction of Vata – Pitta. Akika is found to be beneficial in epilepsy, madness, and treatment of maniac condition.

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