Daruharidra benefits


Common Name: Indian Barberry, Daruharidra, Darvi, Darurajani, Suvarnavarna, Chitra Rasaut

Botanical Name: Berberis aristata

Active Agents: Berberine, berbamine, aromoline, karachine, palmatine, oxyacanthine and oxyberberine

Uses of Daruhaldi

Eye Diseases: Mix daruhaldi with ghee, alum and apply externally like kajal to help in eye related disorders.

Piles: Take roots (5 gm) of daruhaldi and make decoction by boiling in water (400 ml). Take twice a day. This is beneficial in both types of piles.

Liver Function and Fever: Make a decoction of daruhaldi roots (5 gm), dried giloy (5 gm) and few basil leaves in water (400 ml). Reduce to one fourth filter and drink this decoction twice a day. This cures chronic fevers and improves liver function.

Jaundice: Make a decoction of daruhaldi (1 cup), add honey and drink.

Painful Urination: Make a decoction of daruhaldi (1 cup), add amla powder (å_ tbsp) and drink.

Pimples and Pustules: Apply a mixture of Indian barberry with turmeric, costus, Psoralea, vacha, neem, manjistha and red sandalwood.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Daruharidra Powder

Rajahprawartani Vati

Daruhardiradi Kwath


Raktashodhak Bati